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Do you ever wish you had the perfect spot to place your clothing while you’re picking them out for the following day, or for an event?

Valet rods are perfect for these situations, or for any other short term clothes hanging needs. Hardware Decor offers a wide variety of valet rods which allows you to pick a rod based on your closet design.

Here are a few of Hardware Decor’s top sellers:

The Peg Valet-VALE50 and The Retractable Valet-VALE100
These valet rods don’t take up any space in your closet and have a clean, neat and inconspicuous look.

These rods stay hidden inside your closet side panel with only the tip showing when not in use, but they slide out quickly and easily when you want to pick out your outfit.

Hardware Decor also sells the Recessed Valet Rod Drill Guide-VALE DVRI-DG which will help you to install these retractable valet rods properly.

The DECO valet rod-VALE512​, the​ ELITE valet rod-VALE7101​ and ​VALE7103​.
These valet rods come in Dull Chrome, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Polished Chrome, Satin Nickel, and Gun Metal.

They attach easily to the side of your closet and stay tucked away when not in use, but are easily accessible when you need them.

The​ DROP DOWN valet rod-VALE203​, ​VALE206​, and ​VALE210​.
This valet comes with 3, 6, or 10 holes, with available finishes in Polished Chrome and Oil Rubbed Bronze.

You can hang your garments while allowing a bit of space between them. When not in use, adjust the valet rod so it is out of your way, but when you need it, adjust it to the setting that you like and start hanging. 

Check out Hardware Decor’s entire line of Valet Rods and find the perfect one for you!

Application pictures of types of valet rods.

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