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Closet Rod Weight Performance

How many pounds will your closet rod support from the center before it curves or sags 1 inch? 
Graphic showing 1 inch rod sag

Note: Failure of an installation is much more likely to occur when the rod mounting flanges are not secured correctly to the wall and not with the closet rod itself.

In other words, the mounts are more likely to rip from the wall before the rod bends or breaks beyond repair. 

Aluminum Anodized Oval: Up to 45 lbs.
Steel Polished Chrome Oval: Up to 50lbs.
Steel Matte Black Oval: Up to 50lbs.
Aluminum Anodized Round 1-1/16”: Up to 55 lbs.
Aluminum Anodized Signature”: Up to 65 lbs.
Aluminum Anodized Round 1-5/16”: Up to 75 lbs.
Aluminum Anodized Elite 1-5/16”: Up to 80 lbs.
Stainless Steel 1-1/16”: Up to 95 lbs. 
Steel Polished Chrome Round 1-1/16”: Up to 110 lbs. 
Steel Polished Chrome Round 1-5/16”: Up to 170 lbs. 

Keep in mind that this list doesn’t represent a real world application. You wouldn’t  hang all of your clothing in the very center of your closet rod, they’ll be spread out over the entire span of the rod.

Also, your closet rod may not be exactly 6 feet in length. The shorter the rod, the more weight it can hold before sagging, and the longer the rod, the less weight it will hold before sagging.

Sagging can be prevented by using a center support or a Shelf & Rod support bracket. 

Generally, Rods over 4 feet long should use a Center Support or a Rod & Shelf Support

Round 1-5/16” Diameter Rods over 6 feet long should use a Center Support or a Shelf & Rod Support. 

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