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What Closet Rod Do I Need for My Wardrobe?

If you’re in the process of updating your closet, you may have some questions about which closet rod is right for your needs and wants. Are you looking for something to fit a certain aesthetic? Do you need a closet rod that can stand up to the task of hanging those heavy winter coats? You may choose based on style, strength, finish, or function. At Hardware Decor, we have many options for you to build the closet that best fits your vision and needs.


How to determine a closet rod's strength?

The strength of a closet rod is determined by its diameter, thickness, and material. The diameter is measured as the distance of one side of the rod opening to the other. The larger the diameter is, the stronger the rod. Closet rod strength is also determined by how thick the rod wall is, the thicker the wall, the stronger the rod will be.


Which rod material is the strongest?

The Polished Chrome Steel rod is the strongest that Hardware Decor offers, they are also the heaviest. Stainless Steel will be the next strongest, and the next heaviest. Stainless Steel does not corrode, which makes it the perfect choice in a damp environment such as a laundry room or a locker room. Stainless Steel is also the best choice if you live near a lake or the ocean, salty air will not cause it to rust like plain steel. Aluminum rods are a more rigid material, making them less resilient than steel. They are lightweight, but strong. The Aluminum rods come in a variety of finishes.


Which finish is right for me?

When looking to match your closet rod to other finishing accessories in your space, you may want to consider aluminum. Our aluminum rod products come in a variety of finishes such as Satin Nickel, Satin Brass, Polished Brass, Dull Chrome, Polished Chrome, Matte Black, and Oil Rubbed Bronze.


Which Style?

Our standard round rods are more than up to the task of hanging clothes, but what if you want to push your closet design beyond function? Our Signature Series and Elite Series curtain rods feature a protective cap that reduces noise and prevents scratching to the rod itself. The Signature Series also has a unique design that will add a pop of style to your closet build!

All of the closet rods sold at Hardware Decor are durable, built to last and support more weight than a traditional wooden closet rod. Choose the perfect closet rod to complete your closet build or makeover today!

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