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How You Know It’s Time to Upgrade Your Closet Rod

Is your closet rod holding up to the weight of your wardrobe, or is it exhibiting symptoms of “The Bends?”

Closet rods can sag for a variety of reasons, including being overloaded with too many clothes, being too thin for the job, or because the rod is made of a weak material. Additionally, if the closet is wide, it may not be able to support the weight of the items without additional support.

If your closet rod is no longer able to support the weight of your items, then it's time to upgrade.

Upgrading your closet rod is a great way to help your closet stay organized and functional. It's important to note that the rod should be able to support the weight of your items without sagging, so you may want to consider adding a stronger rod. Different metals have different maximum weights they can support.



Aluminum Anodized Oval: Up to 45 lbs.

Steel Polished Chrome Oval: Up to 50lbs.

Aluminum Anodized Round 1-1/16”: Up to 55 lbs.

Aluminum Anodized Signature”: Up to 65 lbs.

Aluminum Anodized Round 1-5/16”: Up to 75 lbs.

Aluminum Anodized Elite 1-5/16”: Up to 80 lbs.

Stainless Steel 1-1/16”: Up to 95 lbs.

Steel Polished Chrome Round 1-1/16”: Up to 110 lbs.

Steel Polished Chrome Round 1-5/16”: Up to 170 lbs.


Keep in mind that your wardrobe should be spread across the span of the rod, and not all hanging centered in the middle.

Your closet rod may not be exactly 6 feet in length. The shorter the rod, the more weight it can hold before sagging. The longer the rod, the less weight it will hold before sagging.

Overall, upgrading your closet rod is a great way to ensure that your closet stays organized and functional. With the right rod and additional support, you can rest assured that your closet will remain in top shape.

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