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Power and Cable Grommets

At Hardware Decor, we offer an extensive range of electrical hardware to enhance any space. Among our offerings, cable grommets play a crucial role in managing and organizing cables while providing a neat and professional appearance. A cable grommet, also known as a power grommet or wall grommet, is a small yet essential component designed to protect cables as they pass through walls, floors, or furniture. These grommets not only help prevent cable damage but also contribute to a clean and clutter-free environment by neatly concealing wires. Whether you're looking to streamline your home office setup or enhance the functionality of your workspace, our selection of electrical hardware, including cable grommets, ensures both practicality and aesthetics. Trust Hardware Decor to provide the solutions you need for your electrical trim needs.

Cable Grommet GRS60, Almond


Power Grommet Plus USB


Cable Grommet GRS60, White


Cable Grommet GRS60, Brown


Cable Grommet GRS60, Grey


Cable Grommet GRS60, Black


2 USB Power Grommet

$17.00 $4.99