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How To Install a Wall-Mounted Closet Rod

Need to install a new closet rod? The installation is a quick and easy process that should take no time at all, but can depend on what type of wall mounts your rod comes with.


Measure First

One of the first steps is to make sure that you have a closet rod that will fit your space. You’ll need to measure the distance from wall to wall, but also need to account for the thickness of any flanges that are decreasing the distance the rod needs to span across. One of the best parts about ordering closet rods from Hardware Décor is we offer free custom rod cutting! Just let us know the exact length you need and your rod can arrive ready for installation!


Mounting with Two Open Flanges

Start with the flanges first. Measure again and mark the location where you’ll fasten the flanges into the wall, and make sure they’re completely level. You don’t want that rod to be crooked or your clothes will all slide to one side! Secure the flanges into the wall by screwing them in, and next you’ll install the rod onto the flanges. With open-faced flanges, up and over is the key! Bring the closet rod up and over the flanges and then slide them down into their fixed position.

Example of an open flange. The closet rod slides over top to nest inside.


Mounting with Two Closed Flanges

You can use “closed” flanges if you want a fixed rod which can’t be moved or taken out of place. Mark the position of the flanges, and be sure they are level. Measure the distance from wall to wall. The rod should be ¼” shorter than the total distance. Slide a “closed” flange over each end of the cut rod. Position the rod and screw the closed flanges to the mounting surface where you previously marked them.

Example of a closed flange. The closet rod fits onto the fitting completely.


Mounting with Two Invisible Flanges

Invisible flanges are nice because they are completely hidden by the closet rod when it is fully installed. They are made of two parts: a backplate and a threaded cuff. Repeat the same first steps with marking your locations, checking they are level, and install the backplates onto the wall. Next you’ll need to slide the cuffs onto your rod. With assistance, hold the rod in place so the threaded cuffs can screw into the mounted backplates.

Invisible flange. Will be hidden by the closet rod after installation.


Mounting with One Open and One Closed Flange

Surprisingly, some closet kits come with one open and one closed flange. This style offers both strength and ease of installation. Like before, install your flanges onto the wall. You will connect the rod to the closed flange first, and the other end should rest upon the closed flange easily.


Hardware Decor’s Closet Kits Give You Everything You Need

Take the guesswork out of how to install your closet rod by purchasing a rod kit from Hardware Décor. Our kits come with everything you need to install packaged together, so you know your rod will work with the provided flanges! Check out our closet rod kits now.

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