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The Novara line of closet rod hardware offers a sleek and contemporary way to install your closet rod beneath shelving. The mounting flanges, center supports, and corner pieces give a clean and modern look to your closet. By using a screw that passes through the supporting shelf and into the mounting pieces the installation has no visible screws. Novara is one of the top choices for interior designers and professional closet builders. These products were designed differently than other closet rod systems because they mount to the underside of your closet shelf, a feature that is helpful when mounting your rod to a wall isn’t an option. Additionally, the Novara corner rods kits give you the ability to wrap your closet rod around both the inside and outside corners of your closet. This is a practical installation that allows you to utilize corner spaces that would normally be wasted. The flange and center support are identical in appearance, except that the flange is closed on one side to prevent the closet rod from passing through and the center support is completely open. The flange and center support both have a standard drop down dimension and leave plenty of room for hooking hangers. Novara corner pieces are made for the standard 15x30mm oval closet rod and all of the flanges and center supports will work with any standard oval rods giving you more possibilities for your closet rod installation. Novara flanges give visual continuity and allow you to use all of your space for hanging your clothing.  Another great way to utilize the Novara line is in an armoire where the cabinet may be too shallow to hang your clothing on a traditional, horizontal closet rod. Novara products are also great for laundry rooms, mudrooms, or storage rooms. With all the versatility of these products, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect space for these elegant Novara closet systems. You can see the video on this topic at this link You can see our other videos by following this link View this PDF to see our closet rod Profiles, Performance and Mounting Comparisons

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