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You may have wondered why some of the closets you’ve seen have small holes running vertically up and down the panels. These closet systems are commonly called 32mm systems, because the pre-drilled holes are placed 32mm apart. These pre-drilled holes make it possible for you to easily assemble your closet systems the way that you like. For instance, if you don’t like the height where you inserted the pin or flange, just take it out and move it up or down to another hole. For closet rod, Hardware decor sells 32mm flanges which typically include screws, although you don’t need them since the 5mm pins on the back fit perfectly into the panel holes. For shelving, Hardware decor sells low profile shelf support pins that insert perfectly into the 32mm holes on the side panel, all you have to do is put four of the pins into the panel and then put your shelf right on top of those pins. 32mm systems make it easy to put up and move shelves where you want them. You can see how the 32mm system makes installation quick and easy considering there are no holes to drill, just plug the flanges or pins into the holes and you’re all set. Hardware decor sells a variety of 32mm products so that installation takes just a few seconds. Check out our selection of 32mm products and find the right fit for your closet design. 32mm closet application
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