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This exciting new product comes to Hardware Decor from EPCO. What makes this product special is the threading just inside the tube. These rods come in 4 foot size and can be connected together using the threading and the included threaded plug.

Threading and connecting two of these 4 foot rods with the connector plug creates a really strong 8 foot rod, or 3 rods create a 12 foot rod and so on.

As you may know, shipping for items over 8 feet has increased, so taking advantage of these four foot rods and using the connector plug will result in a much lower shipping cost.

You can find these amazing new connect closet rods within CONNECTOR KITS Menu Item


You can see the video on this topic at this link

You can see our other videos by following this link

View this PDF to see our closet rod Profiles, Performance and Mounting Comparisons

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