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Hardware Decor’s Belt, Tie, and Scarf racks are great for clearing up some of that clutter you may have in your closet.

Rather than keeping your belts, ties and scarfs in a drawer where it’s easy for them to get mixed up and tangled, or hanging them in big bunches on a hanger, these racks are a handy and efficient way to store these smaller accessories neatly.

And they’re not just made for ties, scarves and belts. You can use them for all kinds of accessories, like handbags, jewelry, and hats.

Each rack can be mounted to any side panel in your closet where it will stay neatly tucked away when not in use and easily accessible when you need it. The racks glide out easily on the high quality sliding rail, and can be right or left mounted.

While Hardware Decor offers a wide selection of products in our tie, belt, and scarf category, today we’re going to focus on a few of the top sellers. But, make sure to check out our complete line!

Veda Tie racks feature 13 upturned pins with a rounded tip to prevent the tie from sliding off and features a durable metal construction and anodized finish. Veda Belt racks pins are spaced further apart to allow for the larger sizes of belt buckles.

Veda Scarf racks feature loops to hold the scarfs.

The Bennington tie collection offers a crisp and angular design featuring either 17 straight pins or 13 pins at an upturned right angle.

The Elite features 15 tie hooks and is made with durable aluminum construction.

The Express features 12 or 16 ties hooks, extends to nearly double its size, and is made of sturdy anodized metal.

Stationary racks provide the same type of storage, but without the sliding ability. They are installed very simply using the provided mounting screws.

All of our Belt, Tie, and Scarf racks come in a variety of finishes including: Polished Chrome, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Satin Nickel, Gun Metal, Polished Brass, and Dull Chrome.

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Veda Tie & Scarf Rack in Polished Chrome
Bennington Tie Rack
Elite tie rack Oil Rubbed Bronze

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