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Doubling Your Available Closet Space with a Wardrobe Lift

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Has your wardrobe outgrown your closet? You may be able to utilize more of that closet space before you need to rely on other clothing storage solutions! Installing a wardrobe lift into a closet space can allow you to hang up even more clothing and effectively double your available storage space.


What is a Wardrobe Lift?

Wardrobe lifts are essentially a hanging rod that can be lifted up and down, used in order to hang clothes up higher than your typical closet rod. These clothes are typically above normal arm’s reach, so wardrobe lifts come attached with an access arm. These arms can be used to move lifts either up or down.

Wardrobe lifts can be attached within the inside of a closet, on open side walls, and practically between any two surfaces. They are built in different sizes to offer either more storage capacity, or to fit smaller spaces. Hardware Decor even offers specialty wardrobe lifts like one that includes an additional storage basket or motorized lifts that requires no pulling! Perfect for seniors or disabled homeowners!

Motorized Wardrobe Lift, adjusts up or down with the push of a button.


The Versa Lift

Versa-Lift is one of our most popular brands of wardrobe lifts, and comes in various models including the Max, Mid, and Mini. The Versa-Lift Max is your typical lift, featuring two rear mounts that attach to a back wall, and can fit anywhere between 33 and 45 inches. It can hold an impressive 22 lbs.


Both the Versa-Lift Mid and Mini have a singular attachment point from which the arm raises up and down. Because of the one attachment point, these lifts hold considerably less items, but they are smaller and easier to fit into small, unused spaces. The Versa-Lift Mini is the most space-effective solution, and has 8 loops for hanging garments. You could even install multiple Versa-Lift Minis!



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